Eric Carroll

Galvanized steel is plasma cut, formed, shaped and manipulated by hand, then welded and sprayed with a patina finish in order to achieve an organic realistic interpretation of the real subject.

Judy & David Hedblom

Handcrafted copper creations integrating advanced flame painting with buffed & sculpted aspects.

Tim Herbst GGD 18.png

Tim Herbst

http://www.herbst-metal-wall-art.comI use aluminum, stainless steel, and copper plus dyes and heat to produce unique wall sculptures. Texture and color are combined to create pieces that change dramatically with light variations.

Jay Higgins

Heirloom quality knives born from billets of steel; brass, silver & copper bars & rods; handles from blocks of woods, fossils, and stone. Blades and handles are hand sculpted using a belt sander.

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M & J Krob

Art is created on cold steel. Welding, grinding, painting & heating techniques are used to create each design & finish. Each piece if final finished in a clear powder coat for protection & shine.

Jeremy Monroe GGD 18.png

Jeremy Monroe

I use heat and pressure to transform found metal into sculpture and functional art.

John Person

Recycled sawmill blades provide the blade steel. Elk sheds and domestic woods are the handle material. Our technique is stock removal. high quality handmade knives with recycling in mind.

BenJamin Stielow

With raw steel & stainless, I use a torch to cut & create the relief which is my work. I focus much on my imagination of trees, taking great pride in my patinas; no paints, pigments, or dyes are used

Chris Swedzinski

Using steel, copper, glass and stone I weld, forge, grind and polish to bring the beauty of nature into sculpture. My mission in art is to use as much recycled material as possibe and make it new.

Mark Zirinsky GGD 18.png

Mark Zirinsky

A lifelong gem cutter, I use my own design, machining, carving and engraving techniques. I attempt clean designs in scrap aluminum, using form and reflection. 25-160 hours by machine/hand for each.

Mixed Media

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Joe and Mari Axton-Giddings

We work in a unique blend of metals, ceramics, fired glass, and paint, using traditional techniques, unconventionally combined. We often start with a collage or drawing, then build by inspiration.

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Henry Bergeson

Highly sculpted hardwood kaleidoscopes utilizing a variety of species , designed to stand alone as sculpture with amazing interior views. Also I am developing tables made from a variety of hardwoods.

Brian Billow

Canvas and wood panels, trowelled plaster, acid oxidized paints, acrylic paints, copper, gold and aluminum metal leaf, epoxy & varnish

Erika Bushee

Slate stone split thin from a slab then shaped by hand using pliers. These fragments are embedded into epoxy resin, sanded and buffed smooth.

Prince Duncan-Williams

I sketch the composition on a board then carefully hand lay colors of silk cords down by hand

Beth Erlund

Fiber dyed using traditional batik methods to achieve highly detailed image. Encaustic wax added to enhance texture and detail.

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Victoria Eubanks

My art is encaustic medium on wood panels or paper. I incorporate reductive scraping and sgraffito techniques. I often use encaustic mono-prints or my photography in college or assemblage.

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Robyn Hanna

Hand-dyed fabric body.Smooth pine branches as legs.Feathers as manes tails and embellishment.Pine cone petals as hooves,eyes,noses.Adorned with beads,Creating Horses,Moose,Elk,Buffalo,Bighorn,and more

-1106-wet-and-wilder sm. .jpg

Meg Harper

Upcycled materials changed w/6steps.EachPc painted w/custom acrylic palette of 25+colors via shapely/patterned strokes.Layered w/tones(warm&cool glazes)Quality UV protectant seals pieces=weather safe.

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Brian Heritage

Modern take on bas relief. Digitally designed, CNC carved, 3D wood wall art. Hand painted with acrylics and hand finished through unique fire torching and hand distressing.

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Brett Matarazzo

Environmentally conscious art that uses post industrial reclaimed wood as canvas. Mixed media consisting of paint, ink, untraditional digital transfer, and laser etching.

Bear McLaughlin

Using a combination of highly polished aluminum, steel and copper I create dimensional and original paintings made by applying automotive paints and acrylics

Ly MontelsRANAVALONA 30x30.jpeg

Ly Montells

Manipulation and assembly of woods, metals, leathers, beads, cloths, papers, varnishes and paints on wood and canvas.


Brent Nilson

I design, craft, and install special handle material on knife blades. Wood, Antler, Buffalo Horn, Buffalo Bone, Camel Bone, Other
I specialize in Damascus multi layer steel blades -very artistic

Bill & Toni Palmer.png

Bill & Toni Palmer

Art furniture and wall sculptures, all heavily influenced by nature, carved from exotic hardwoods and live-edge slabs, with fired- glass accents.

Michael Protiva

Mixed media technique . I work on a aluminum plate that is 1/8" thick. I apply resin, oil paints, acrylics, textures, air brush, metal objects that are welded. Art is floated on metal backing plate.

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Myah Sarles

A unique medium of hand cut impregnated plaster gauze shapes. Individually sculpted into wildly intricate textures.Technique has evolved to produce intensely textured paintings and enormous sculpture.

Mary Staby.png

Mary Staby

Combination of black & white photography & oil painting. My film photos are printed in my darkroom & handpainted using vibrant oils of my color choices revealing the fine details of the photograph.

Karen Surbeck

Raku ceramics encompassing feathers, copper, leather, porcupine quills, turqoise, hair hair.

TJ Thompson

While using an epoxy based clay, I am creating one of a kind (no casting no duplications) sculpture/ Painting combinations. I call them dimensional paintings.

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Cheri Vilona

I oil paint on canvas incorporating mixed media, India ink, oil pastel, carbon, pastels, creating abstract gestural paintings inspired by our Colorado landscape, mountain vistas and gardens.

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Pietra Wall

Each piece is inspired by fossils, crystals, gemstones, and minerals. Through years of experimentation I have developed my own techniques of hand-carving, sculpting, painting, firing and texturing.

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Simon Wall

I use digitally laser-cuts that have been textured and/or airbrushed then layered with metal, paints, resin, sculpted clay, stones, and crystals to create each unique piece that has its own vibe.