43rd Breckenridge Gathering at the Great Divide Participating Artists 


Anastasia Bliss GGD 18.png

Anastasia Bliss


I individually wheel-throw and hand-carve each piece.I then fire and glaze each piece, and wipe away excess glaze, using a sgraffito-like technique,leaving the beautiful clay-body partially exposed.


Sumati Colpitts



Slab and hand built techniques are used with stoneware clays, textures, glazes and oxide washes.

John Carroll1CLEAR.png

John Carroll


Hand built ceramic vessels, platters and sculptures. Developed a signature ash glaze that I use on all pieces; accented with commercial glazes.


Colleen Everett GGD 18.png

Colleen Everett


Each porcelain originates without a pre-conceived idea. Surface texture is the foundation for its development. As the work develops, I search for the image to emerge and make itself known…

Michael Bonds

Processes include functional and alternative firing raku techniques producing "one of a kind" ceramic art. Functional ware includes both an earth palette & bright colored sgraffito mountain designs.

Frank Nemick

Large Raku and stoneware vessels of my own making and glazing. I do Naked Raku, Horsehair Raku, & Stoneware firings at my studio in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado. Also medium and small pots.

Daniel Marshall

My work is hand-thrown and hand-built porcelain. Each piece is custom glazed and high-fired in a gas kiln.

Jack Charney


Hand formed polychromatic functional and nonfunctional ceramic work produced using a series of slumped and humped forms manipulated assembled and multifired for the desired effect and density

Digital Art

Lauri Dunn.png

Lauri Dunn


2D and 3D mandalas created from manipulated photographs of butterfly wings, coated with epoxy resin.

Blair Hamill

Posters are designed from my plein air (oil) and graphite/marker studies designed in the Federal Arts Project tradition, then redrawn as digital art. Output from computer are digital prints/giclees.

Cate Curtis


These images were created in Adobe Illustrator to express and represent the emotion of a past place, time, or event through the interplay of patterns, shapes, lines, and colors.

Drawing/ Printmaking

Barbara Marcus-McKenna


With spirited expression, pigment is painted on a plate, using tools of brush and brayer. Using my etching press, the image transfers to paper one time, to become an original Hand-pulled Monotype.


Leon Loughridge


Original printmaking woodcut prints. Leon is also featured at Breckenridge Gallery on Main Street

Bill Yankee


I work in pastels on sanded archival paper. Primarily landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West. I look for design qualities such as light, color, shape, and texture that are inherent in the landscape.


Barbara Hollowya GGD 18.png

Barbara Holloway


I hand weave my fabrics on 8-harness foot-powered floor looms with micro and plant fiber yarns. I warp the looms, weave the fabrics, wash, dry, steam press, cut, sew and hand-embellish each piece.

Anita Baptiste

Fiber mixture from animal skin & bird feathers. Final details consist of other animal skins & beads.

Dinah Lee


Chris & Dinah sketch out designs on paper,cut their own patterns.We hand paint, air-brush or digital print our fabrics.
Silks, cottons and rayon fibers. Shawls,Scarfs,Capes, Jackets,dresses and tops.

Jo Nelson

Asian assemblage, composition fiber embellished w/recycled Asian antiques presented as a painting.

Sherry Kromka

http://Etsy.com-handwovens by sherry k

I weave high quality yarns, including chenille and bamboo, on a floor loom, creating unique designs with bold, exciting colors. I weave ponchos, wraps, shawls and ruanas, which I call "wearable art."


Steve Knox


Stained glass windows ranging in size and shape from 14" circles to free standing pieces over 6 ft .I use organic shapes and materials(shells, fossils,agates) to amplify the narrative of the glass.

Scott Hartley GGD 18.png

Scott Hartley


Hand-sculpted molten glass manipulated using Venetian techniques, brute strength & scientific precision to create fine art glass sculptures. Each individual piece is perfectly balanced & intertwined.

Gregory Tomb


I use traditional Swedish & Italian glassblowing techniques, a diversity of cold working & carving techniques, hot glass casting and acid etching to make my glass work. 

Terry & Randy Romanin

A stained glass mosaic technique, all hand cut, grouted in and trimmed in copper. Occasional use of sliced agate geode and other found objects. No patterns used, each piece is one of a kind.

Andrew Noga

Hand blown and hot sculpted glass sculpture created freehand without the use of molds. I strive to make every piece a one of a kind so that no two are alike.


Janet Alexander


I hand-fabricate my jewelry pieces using silver and gold. I use metalsmithing techniques; rolling mill for texture, sawing,soldering,and hammering to create unique one-of-a-kind work of wearable art.

Michelene Berkey


Sterling & high karat gold jewelry with elements of cast Bristlecone Pine and Cottonwood twigs. Roller printed, forged, oxidized & fabricated with unusual gemstones and Freshwater pearls

Betsy Bracken

Gemcutting is my forte, in my colorful inlaid gemstone jewelry. The metalwork that frames each piece, is either cast from my original waxes, or fabricated from sheet and wires in gold and silver.

Danny Bushart


Inspired by the romantic Art Nouveau era, I create my work by sculpting wax with dental tools in 14kt gold, sterling silver and faceted gemstones using the lost wax method.

Lucine Dirtadian GGD 18.png

Lucine Dirtadian


Fine quality gems & pearls set in Gold/Silver. Collaboratively designed,individually hand-made, one of a kind jewelry pieces. Fabricated, plannished, cast with various stone setting techniques.

Rex Foster GGD 18.png

Rex Foster


I use organic materials. Fossil Ivory; 14k gold & sterling silver to hand fabricate all metal work. No casting. I have developed tools-technique specifically for these materials for over 40 years.

Mark Grosser GGD 18.png

Mark Grosser


I create bold, dramatic designs featuring yellow, white & red gold, diamonds & gemstones. I use lost-wax techniques enhanced with hand fabrication to create a fusion of the natural and architectural.

James Hardwick GGD 18.png

James Hardwick


I make each piece by fabricating in wire & sheet metal or making a wax model & casting. All color is rock or stone in one form or another, metal is gold or silver,I have started doing hand engraving.

Sandy Harris Murphy GGD 18.png

Sandy Harris Murphy


Consciously sourced diamonds,precious and semi- stones are incorporated in fabricated designs.Keumboo,22K and 14K gold refined in the Colorado studio ('green' metal) in hand fabricated designs.

Josh Hirt

I hand-weave and intricately knot 4-124 strands of uniquely soft and durable fibers into my originally designed jewelry. Adorned, are handmade beads and pieces I have collected in my world travels.

Julie Jerman Melka GGD 18.png

Julie Jerman-Melka


Hand hammered and forged sterling silver with cold connected Lake Superior beach stones, tube set gemstones and freshwater pearls

Donna Kubik


Sterling silver, 14k & 18K gold, semi & precious gemstones, forged, formed, patterned, and soldered

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.08.34 PM.png

Michele Black


My secret desire is to challenge the conventions of fine jewelry.A mobile studio gives me the freedom to engineer and create wearable sculptures.Made with my own mill-textured silver,gold and gems.

Ivy McNulty GGD 18.png

Ivy McNulty


Hand engraved jewelry crafted of silver, copper & bronze create original designs. Adornments of turquoise, elk ivory & horsehair complete these necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets & more.

Anne Reichel


Fabricated jewelry using Sterling silver, Reticulated silver, and/or 18k gold with unique gemstones, pearls and small natural stone beads

Sugatha Roeder GGD 18.png

Sugatha Roeder


Handcrafted Fine Silver,14KGold, Gold filled &Bronze in combination with high quality gemstones & pearls. Surface textures are created using hand-collected natural leaves.All pieces are one-of-a-kind

Wendy Witchner GGD 18.png

Wendy Witchner


Oxidized & texturized silver metal & hand coiled wire. Some designs incorporate antique buttons.