Josh Udesen

My acrylic paintings are layered washes on framed birch panels focusing on unique perspectives.

Anthony Grant

Representational Oil on Canvas

Reian Williams

Paintings of "Emotive Realism" focusing on portraiture and figurative, working primarily in oil

Mark Johnson

Atmospheric landscapes and skyscapes in oil on canvas, using luminosity, color, and light to draw the viewer into a dreamy world of memories and imagination.

Susan Elliot.png

Susan Elliot

Humorous/thought provoking 2D/3D original designs on paper & wood, created w/acrylics, inks, & found objects. I use trees to communicate bits of wisdom, from mini Treenies Weenies to large panels.

Sally Jordon

My abstract expressionistic paintings show a play of color, texture, movement and line. I use a layering technique of oil and acrylic, creating depth, mystery, vibrancy and energy. I love the adventure

Steven Boyd.png

Steven Boyd

Original paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas or board of western and wildlife

Joy - 10x14 - March YorumGal5 copy.jpeg

Yoram Gal

Acrylic & ink on paper / canvas, my diverse styles as one totality: my joy of life expressionism

Brent Nageli


Being colorblind is a challenge but makes my oil paintings more exciting and adventurous. They radiate colors that makes one stop in their tracks and tells a story for everyone to hear.

Bruce White.png

Bruce White

Watercolor/Water Media on Aquabord-Dramatic compositions, negative spaces & textural techniques are employed in these representational interpretations of landscapes & cityscapes from around the world.

Gretchen Borgelt

My paintings are heavily textured using acrylic paint mixed with acrylic gels and making use of color.

Douglas Wodark

I use traditional oil techniques on linen and focus on strong contrast lighting in pushing the color envelope

Roger Disney.png

Roger Disney

With long shutter speeds and dusk lighting the artist captures urban photos from around the world and returns home to interpret them in the studio with these large scale palette knife oils on canvas.

Robert Lococo

I paint with oil, watercolor, encaustics. My subject matter is birdlife. A traditional subject that I put in contemporary scenarios, relationships. There is humor and beauty in my paintings.

Don Sullivan

Oil on canvas, giclee, pen & ink, colored pencil



Dan & Steve Sawusch

After researching & scouting, we revisit a location until the desired weather & light conditions occur. Images are processed & printed on various substrates then placed in a frame that complements it.

Dale Malmedal

Landscape photography captured primarily on film. Laminated photo plaques. Images are sealed behind a fine art UV filtering protective laminate. Mounted on poly material or MDF; framed and unframed.

Jesper Johansen



I use 1:87 scale hand painted European train model figures placed with everyday items. I use natural light only and no photoshop. I shoot using a DSLR camera with a 60 mm macro lens.

Alex Burke

Landscape and intimate nature photographs all created using large format 4x5" FILM developed entirely by the artist. Archival pigment prints limited to editions of 150.

Fi Rust.png

Fi Rust

Wildlife photography portraying intimate behavior, especially the interaction between mothers and babies, and other behavior seldom observed by a non-photographer, printed on canvas and luster paper.

Thomas Styczynski

Landscape and Seascape photography in color and black and white printed by the artist in limited editions.

Doug Tomlinson.png

Doug Tomlinson

I am a nature photographer specializing in dramatic landscape images. I create exceptional limited edition fine art prints.

Greg Gawlowski

My images are printed on aluminum, then either floated onto textured aluminum or framed.

Jason Pavalonis

The work is boldly artistic landscape photography. Each scene is carefully chosen for its composition, color palate and spatial qualities. Only minor adjustments are made outside the camera.

Gero Heine.png

Gero Heine


Nature Images from Africa, India and the American West on aluminum for a contemporary presentation. I use gloss, sheer or satin surfaces to optimally display the unique character of each artwork.


Renee Dinauer.png

Renee Dinauer

A plethora of large, free-form, steam-bent, fine-finished Ash wall and free standing sculpture composed of numerous natural wood elements, hand-molded and integrated into abstract forms

Gary Chaffin

Each of my 3D designs are spontaneous impressions formed free hand from copper wire that is colored or silver plated and colored.

Leo Atkinson.png

Leo Atkinson

Using lapidary tools and techniques honed over two decades we shape, polish and balance some of the rarest and unique mineral and fossil specimens found each year around the world.

Darern Miller.png

Darren Miller

Wrought metal with automotive polychrome finish system.

Ted Schnaak.png

Ted Schnack

Bronze Wildlife Sculpture sculpted from personal one on one contact with them where they live...


Adrian Vogel

I utilize wood and steel to create functional art intended to be used everyday.

Tim Niewiadomski

Segmented wood turnings. Woods are cut into small, precise shapes to create intricate designs for each piece. All natural grains and colors. On occasion I use semi precious stones within my designs.

Richard McCollum

Cherry wood Spoon designs that are free form cut on a band saw, drilled and drum sanded. They are formed using a drill press and a ball sander to shape it then hand sanded Bee’s wax and oil finish

Clyde Thompson

Exotic Hardwood used to create these "Reading Rockers" No stain used just the natural beauty of the wood. Back is contoured to envelope the body for total comfort. Arms are higher for spinal alignment

Brian Sykes.png

Brian Sykes

Woodturning /carving, different styles; segmented & one piece cons't, burl woods with embedded turquoise, hollow forms, wall tiles, small tables, lamps, all natural colors