Wendy Witchner.png

Wendy Witchner

Oxidized & texturized silver metal & hand coiled wire. Some designs incorporate antique buttons.

Cecilia Labora.png

Cecilia Labora

Manipulating molten glass, I create glass elements which I use to design unique jewelry. Techniques used include glass blowing, flame-working, cold work, Mokume gane and acid etching.

Mark Grosser.png

Mark Grosser

I create bold, dramatic designs featuring yellow, white & red gold, diamonds & gemstones. I use lost-wax techniques enhanced with hand fabrication to create a fusion of the natural and architectural.

Dana McDaniel.png

Dana McDaniel

Jewelry of mixed metals including copper, pewter, silver and hand-painted and heat-treated aluminum. Some with kiln-fired glass, set gemstones, river stones or vitreous enamels

Anne Vogt.png

Anne Vogt

I hand build each setting for my silver jewelry. I use a construction process with sterling sheet, wire, and tubing. Gemstones of the highest quality are incorporated.

Jennifer Lesea-Ames

I fabricate one of a kind contemporary mixed metal jewelry inspired by rich textures & geometric elements. To create the custom metal texture, I fuse sterling silver with the heat; no solder is used

Roberta Starbird

We use the ancient technique of cloisonné enamel, firing 10 or so layers of powdered glass onto silver, to create colorful components. We set these in sterling silver and embellish with gold and gems.

Anne Reichel

Fabricated jewelry of Sterling silver, Reticulated silver, and/or 18k gold with unique gemstones, Pearls and small natural stone beads

Jonathon Stopper

Each piece of jewelry that I create is a miniature sculpture designed and made to be worn. All work from the initial design to the final polish is done by myself without any outsourcing or CAD.

Dana Voorhees

925 Silver is hammered, annealed & stamped into fabricated Silver it is now sawed & prepped for setting high quality gemstones I also use collector or vintage pieces to make my sets collector items

Donna Kubik.png

Donna Kubik

Sterling silver, 14k & 18K gold, semi & precious gemstones, forged, formed, patterned, and soldered

Susan Baile

Sterling silver, bronze, brass and/or copper metals are woven or knitted together and embellished by focal pieces featuring fused and/or granulated silver and bezeled cabochons.


Ramon and Rosa Velasquez

Stainless Steel with tile furniture and colorful metal wall hangings with melted copper and brass and automotive paint sealed with polyurethane

Mixed Media

Mary Staby

Combination of black & white photography & oil painting. My film photos are printed in my darkroom & handpainted using vibrant oils of my color choices revealing the fine details of the photograph.

#1101 Two hearts that beat as one Meg Harper.jpg

Meg Harper

6 steps transform upcycled surfaces. Next they're painted w/ a custom 25 color palette using shapely brushstrokes. Then layered w/ transparent glazes. High quality UV protectant seals for outdoor use.

Sally Austin

Multiple layers of stitching, heat set textile paint, charcoal,watercolor and oil pastels on raw cloth that has been cut, sized and frayed then mounted on custom made frames.

Beth Erlund

Fiber dyed using traditional batik methods to achieve detailed image. Encaustic wax added to enhance texture and detail.

Vicki Hamende

A combination of wood burning(pyrography) & oil painting on handmade birch canvas.Designs are burned into the wood.I gouge the wood creating depth & texture. Each piece is then enhanced with oil paint

Jo Nelson

Asian assemblage, composition fiber embellished w/recycled Asian antiques presented as a painting.

Janet LeRoy

I use Acrylic to hand paint turkey feathers in Wildlife, Western and Native American designs. I then accent my pieces with smaller feathers. My matting is all hand carved and I custom frame each piece

Brian Heritage

Modern take on bas relief. Digitally designed, CNC carved, 3D wood wall art. Hand painted with acrylics and hand finished through unique fire torching and hand distressing.

Gary Burke

Wildlife of North America is carved in very decayed wood and then cast in both white bronze and pewter or a clay made from mesquite wood. Metal oxides are applied for colored accents.

Doug Fountain.png

Douglas Fountain

Feathers masks with Totems done with venetian plaster.

Bill & Toni Palmer

Art furniture and wall sculptures, all heavily influenced by nature, carved from exotic hardwoods and live-edge slabs, with fired-glass accents.

Sally Barlow

My art is a unique combination of painting, illustration, and photography.

Dave Reiter

Oil & mixed media on stretched canvas applied in numerous layers of adding and subtracting give this piece a highly textured look.

Jerry Bergin

My work is mixed media on wood panel with a blend of unique proprietary plasters as a foundation. Then I use latex paints, glazes and various clear coats. I create hand-cut stencils for the imagery.

Kurt Ruby

Hand formed copper wall sculpture using wood, stone and other organic materials. as a third generation metal smith, i use my Grandfathers' hand tools to create dimensional and focal sculptures.

Jeff Leedy

With Oil pastel on textured board I create Art That Makes You Laugh©- the medium is not the message- it is the humor that distinguishes my art from all others. I belong in Other.