17 Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival Participating Artists 


Daniel Marshall.png

Daniel Marshall


My work is hand-thrown and hand-built porcelain. Each piece is glazed and high-fired in a gas kiln.

John Carroll.png

John Carroll


I'm a ceramic artist who's focus is on hand building. My glazes are my own design. Lately, I've been experiencing with mixing other mediums into my ceramic sculptures; like steel and concrete.

Rebecca Skow.png

Rebecca Skow

One of a kind art vessels, thrown and altered with firing techniques that include wood firing and horse hair raku.

Mark Freeman.png

Mark Freeman


Ceramic vessels are wheel thrown, altered, slip decorated, glazed and fired to cone 10 reduction.

Craig McMillin.png

Craig McMillin


I individually wheel throw each piece of stoneware clay and manipulate while still damp. After bisque firing, the work is either gas or electric fired to cone 10 with crystalline glazes

Digital Art

Blair Hamill.png

Blair Hamill

Posters are designed from my plein air (oil) and graphite/marker studies designed in the Federal Arts Project tradition, then redrawn as digital art. Output from computer are digital prints/giclees.

Vic Lee.png

Vic Lee


Original works are hand sketched, scanned, painted with Intuos 5 tablet and brush pen in Corel Painter and print on canvas and aluminum.

Drawing and Printmaking

Glen Powell.png

Glen Powell


All of Glen Powell's original works are fine art masterpieces rendered entirely in #2 pencil on Strathmore 300 series archival vellum drawing paper.

Haylee McFarland.png

Haylee McFarland


I use watercolor in order to create a stunning effect that accentuates my drawings, followed by between 50-70 hours of small intricate, hidden, or inspired designs to complete my artwork.


Kara Young.png

Kara Young


My pieces are made of 85% handcast abaca paper. The surface is then covered with joint compound or cement, then copper leafed. Some pieces are painted with bees wax and pigment, called encaustic.

Daniel Novakovich.png

Dana Novakovich


I compose, quilt & inlay exotic & embossed leather panels creating my own style of surface decoration

Anita Baptiste.png

Anita Baptiste

Fiber mixture from animal skin & bird feathers. Final details consist of other animal skins & beads.


Kimberly Reed.png

Kimberly Reed


Completely made from raw materials. I combine multi layer sandblasting-over 200 designs, hand worked metal-each bead and texture created individually, hand painting, hand cut bevels, glass & mirror.

Dana Robbins.png

Dana Robbins


Furnace glass. Hollow blown and solid sculpted forms. Architectural, decorative and functional art.

Houston Llew .png

Houston Llew


Houston Llew works in the ancient Vitreous Enamel medium. His Spiritile collection is created by enameling glass on copper. Houston's work can also be found in the Raitman Art Galleries in Breckenridge

Debb Cusick.png

Debb Cusick


Stained glass & kiln formed glass, in a contemporary, sculptural or abstract design.