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Yoram Gal

Acrylic, ink, gouache on paper/ canvas. Against the rules, multi-styled, encompassing the history of art in a sweep. Intense, childlike colorfulness. I challenge myself daily. From realism to abstract

David Gonzales

David Gonzales paints with acrylics on sustainably built, hand-made panels. Gonzales is known for his mastery of movement. Every painting is alive with color and energy.

Featured at Raitman Art Galleries on Main Street in Breckenridge

Nicole Perrin

The visual content reflects my passion for wildlife in contemporary impressionistic form. Each painting is developed using numerous sheer glazes and distinctive marks.

Darien Bogart

Emphasizing color, luxurious texture,a variety of brushstrokes; individual colors are mixed & layered. Translating my inspiration of the American Landscape into bold, contemporary, expression.

Steve Knox

My work varies in sizes from small watercolors on paper to large acrylic on canvas. My work is inspired by the outdoors, wildlife and other images from nature. I use texture and color in unique ways

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Ly Montells

Manipulation and assembly of woods, metals, leathers, beads, cloths, papers, varnishes and paints on wood and canvas.

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Julie Janney

Color carries the emotion in my art, and use of a palette knife allows me to mix the colors on the canvas, drip and splatter the canvas.. pull and push the acrylic around.

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Pixie Glore

I paint horses in rich tones with oil paints and watercolors. I have a horse and the spirit of him and his friends is what captivates my soul.


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Dale Malmedal

Laminated photographs, framed and unframed, mounted on poly material and mdf.

Michael Stipek SIL18.png

Michael Stipek

Traditional photographs from medium-format film. Printed on Fujcolor Crystal Archive paper using a Kodak wet process developer. Archival framing.

Doug Tomlinson SIL18.png

Doug Tomlinson

I am a nature photographer specializing in dramatic landscape images. I create exceptional limited edition fine art prints.

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Patrick Whalen

Cerebral images captured with high resolution cameras. They are printed on archival fine art paper and aluminum. Images are more about creating a mood or telling a story.

DJ Newman

My art captures the spirit of America's wild lands from intimate flowers to dramatic Rocky Mountain landscapes. Art available on canvas, fine art metal and plaque mounted fine art paper prints.

Brad Carlin

PASSION for Nature & Photography; a hidden outdoors-man; film for 20 years, digital for 5; archival limited edition photographic, metal & canvas prints, 3" black or rustic barn-wood frames, uv glass

Tobias Steeves

As an artistic photographer, I do minimal photo editing, & sell prints on acid-free, archival matting; high-quality frames w/ non-glare museum quality glass; high gloss metal; & robust wooden plaques.

Roy Jobes

Digital photographs taken around the world printed on frameless metal and other materials via dye sublimation


Jerry Locke

A variety of natural stone is cut, carved, and finished to create "Mountainscape"

Ron Emig

Limited edition original bronze sculptures and one of a kind fired clay sculptures in the western and wildlife genre.

Debi Letner

I hand chisel oil candles, lazy susans, serving stones with oil candles, & wine glasses out of granite, slate, and other natural stones. Each piece is custom made, unique, & will last for generations.


Brian Sykes

Woodturning /carving, different styles; segmented & one piece cons't, burl woods with embedded turquoise, hollow forms, wall tiles, small tables, lamps, all natural colors

David Savage

Found driftwood sculptures, ,wall art,lamps and bowls inlayed with turquoise,finely sanded and finished with hand rubbed oils.

Douglas Gascock SIL18.png

Douglas Glascock

Hand sculpted bowls vases masks boxes made from driftwood and burls inlaid with semi precious stones

Amber Taylor

I take a variety of hardwoods and mill, laminate and finish them into functional wood art; end-grain cutting boards, lazy susans, bowls, clocks, wall hangers, and desk organizer.

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