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Richard Lindsay


Distinctive American Jewelry using Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones. Techniques include Reticulation, Fabrication, Forging, Applique, Casting, and Riveting.

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Lisa Davin


I bead embroidery, knot, wire and weave using seed beads, semiprecious stones, pearls, sterling silver, crystals and fibers.

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Wendy Witchner


Oxidized & texturized silver metal and hand coiled wire. Some designs incorporate antique buttons.


Anne Vogt


Unique hand built sterling silver jewelry that focuses on rare and very unusual gemstones. No molds or mass produced settings. I fabricate each piece from sheet, tubing, and wire.


Denise Robertson


Mixed metals,stones,glass,bone,antique & salvaged materials. Soldering,riveting, forging,stamping,scrimshaw,my original writings on backs of pieces.




Marianne Hanson


I use colored porcelain clay, carved relief blocks, bright underglazes & 22K white gold metallic to design and create my jewelry. The process requires 3-4 kiln firings to complete.


Beverly Baker


Hand forged sterling silver jewelry with a pop of color. Bezels are infused with enamels and resin.


Alison Stern


Techniques include transforming sheet metal into anticlastic designs, saw-cut pendants, and form-folded metal fabrications-techniques requiring repeated phases of annealing and work hardening.

Phillip Hall


Fabricated metals and plastics from raw materials. plastics are carved, laminted, wet sanded, and sometimes heat formed. metals are cut, rolled, hammered, punched or soldered .