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SumaitColpitsSitting Fox (MAF).jpeg

Sumati Colpits


Using slab and pinch techniques. We do not use molds or forms. Subtle variations within the piece are generated by using different colored stoneware clays introducing different natural colors. Various textures are also added for accent and to give a sense of fun and elegance.

Jack Charney July18.png

Jack Charney


Handformed polychromatic functional and sculptural ceramic art created using a series of slumped and humped forms that are manipulated assembled and multifired for desired effect and glaze density

Daniel MarshallJuly18.png

Daniel Marshall

My work is hand-thrown and hand-built porcelain. Each piece is custom glazed and high-fired in a gas kiln.

Frank Nemick July18.png

Frank Nemick

Large Raku and stoneware vessels of my own making and glazing. I do Naked Raku, Horsehair Raku, & Stoneware firings at my studio in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado. Also medium and small pots.


Shane Porter


Wheel thrown, hand-built, and sculpted clay, glazed in a variety of finishes and fired. Functional work as well as decorative and outdoor art.

Hong Rubinstein


Large scale wheel thrown and altered sculptural art ceramics using both porcelain and stoneware, and high fired self formulated macro-crystalline glazes.


Andrew Sanders



In creating my work I focus on usability and function. I create visual movement in the clay forms, making an aesthetic balance between functional design and creative art. My work is fired to cone 10


Blair Hamill July18.png

Blair Hamill

Posters are designed from my plein air (oil) and graphite/marker studies designed in the Federal Arts Project tradition, then redrawn as digital art. Output from computer are digital prints/giclees.

Susan Williams July18.png

Susan Williams


Hand colored digital painting from my B&W photograph. Done in Corel painter with Wacom paint brush with pared down palette of vintage sepias and gold chloride blues. May contain collage and paint.


Angie Spears July18.png

Angie Spears


Combination of inks, colored pencils, and watercolors on mechanically distressed paper.


Andres Arango July18.png

Andres Arango

My work is result of 15 year of experience in the world of leather. My inspiration is based on the shape of nature doing a work that clean where the design and the unique piece is the most important.

Heather Henke

Hand-dyed and hand-woven wraps and ponchos with a focus on natural colors.

Kerrin Pogozelski


I made leather bags and accessories using uniquely treated leather and cowhide. I love to feature brand marks and scars to create absolute OOAK pieces with a rustic/refined voice.

Doug Roy

Intricately hand-cut and framed paper pieces made up of 100's to 1000's pieces some smaller than 1/64th". Very detailed images.

David Switzer


Designed and crafted using traditional tooling techniques or exotic inlays with a southwestern flair

Kara Young


My pieces are made of 85% handcast abaca paper. The surface is then covered with joint compound or cement, then copper leafed. Some pieces are painted with bees wax and pigment, called encaustic.


Anna Carrillo


Using handcut fusing glass, I create mosaic wall art, embellishing them with hand painting and metal accents/capturing images of the Rockies and the Southwest

Paul Counts

Hand blown glass with multi-layers of colors, cane and murrini

Steve Knox


Stained Glass windows ranging in size and shape from 14" circles to free standing pieces over six feet tall. I use organic shapes and materials (shells, fossils,agates etc..)to amplify the narrative.

Daniel McKenna


Offering glass familiar to a wide audience, we present the purity of color with stained glass. In the copper foil technique, we create contemporary art in a timeless tradition that enhances any home.

Kimberly Reed July18.png

Kimberly Reed


Completely made from raw materials. I combine multi layer sandblasting-over 200 designs, hand worked metal-each bead and texture created individually, hand painting, hand cut bevels, glass & mirror.

Gregory Tomb


I use traditional glassblowin, many cold working & carving techniques, hot glass casting and acid etching to make my glass work. I love finding a balance of distorted, clear and colorful glass.

Diana Zombola July18.png

Diana Zombola

Exquisite complex fused glass with frit, stringer, powdered glass and dichro. Artist uses advanced techniques including, vitrograph, poppies, tapestry, melts, crackle, mandala, & combing techniques.

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