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Deborah Hager


My work is a juxtaposition of geometric and organic images to convey ideas about life containing order and disorder simultaneously. I use wood firings, drawings and sgraffito technique in my designs.

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Peter Karner


Stoneware.Thrown, thrown and altered or hand built.Glazes applied in layers.High-fired. Functional


Victoria Motazedi


There is something magical that happens when you fire earth fused with colorful pigments to temperatures that would melt rock.  For more than 25 years, Victoria Motazedi has been working with raw clay creating sculptures that emulate nature and village-scapes.  A Colorado native, Victoria lives out on the high plains on a 54 acre farm teaming with flora and fauna.  This earthy life is a very hands on and sculpting in clay for Victoria is an extension of lifestyle.  

Victoria uses several different types of kilns to achieve different glazing effects including electric, wood and gas.  In 2005, Victoria teamed up with Maynard Tishler, a well-known art professor and artist at the University of Denver, and built a domed wood kiln known as the “Franktown Rocket” on her property.  For many years, artists from around the Colorado area gather on starry nights to fire their artwork.  At temperatures soaring close to 2400°F, wood ash swirls, mingles and creates patinas that cannot be obtained using any other method.  

Victoria is a member and supporter of the Art Students League of Denver and has participated in their Summer Art Market for the last 3 years.