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Jerry Locke


Natural stone is cut, carved, finished, and assembled into mountainscape..

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Bob Wilfong


Model in clay, wax, and wire. Molded in latex, wax and ceramic. Lost-wax cast in bronze. Metal welded and polished. Acids applied at various temps and methods for color and texture.

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Bruce Taylor


Wildlife wood sculptures hand and power carved details are burned in then painted by hand and airbrush



Darren Miller


Wrought metal with automotive quality poly chrome finish.



Ted Schnack


Former Breckenridge police officer. Bronze Wildlife-Copper Tooled Bases. 


Wayne Trinklein


Copper wire is molded and fused with tin. Then surface alloys are added, reheated, and worked like clay to form "bark". Mounted into rock it is finished with resin and/or patina.