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Douglas Glascock


I gather driftwood, burls,roots from the Ozarks' rivers and lakes and hand shape (no lathe work) vases,bowls,masks and other sculptures,which I inlay with semi precious stones

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Jim McGie


Appalachian craftsmanship with tools & techniques from the 1800's, creating one of a kind rocking chairs. I begin with natural elements & stir in my own flavor of creativity. Each are signed.

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Ed Bladen


I use simple designs w/ soft lines & fine joinery to create one of a kind pieces. I use hardwoods with unique grain patterns & vibrant colors to offer unique pieces which combines function & beauty


Kris Kratz


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wooden toys with quality reminiscent of yesteryear. Only the finest hand selected choice woods are used in my pieces.


David Rec


Lathe turned functional bowls, platters and lamps from reclaimed wood. Styles range from contemporary to rustic with stone and or metal inlays.


Cynthia White


Individually handcrafted and tuned Musical Instruments, Windchimes/Mobiles and suncatchers from natural, renewable and recycled materials.


Brian Sykes


Woodturning/carving different styles; segmented & one piece cons't, burl woods with inlayed turquoise, all natural colors



Josh Strimbu


Boards use a variety of hardwoods safe for cutting use. Grain & wood colors will vary giving each board its own unique look and characteristics. No dye used. Food safe laminate used.