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Alexandra Hall


I use acrylic paints to create anthropomorphic characters. I use an acrylic thinning medium to achieve loose layers and a dripping effect. I paint on canvas, wood and metal.

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Kirk Mullenax


My paintings are oil on linen canvas applied by brush.

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Douglas Wodark


I use traditional oil techniques on linen and focus on strong contrast lighting in pushing the color envelope



Bruce White


Water Media on Aquabord - brushwork, splattering, pouring, spraying. Landscapes, cityscapes and coastal scenes - representational with vignetted edges bleeding into negative spaces.


Steven Boyd


Oil and acrylic original paintings on canvas or board



Chris Lundy


Chris Lundy is constantly evolving his technique of fusing color into multiple layers of resin. Lundy incorporated a 250 point, remote controlled fiber system into the painting to literally make the stars twinkle. Also exhibiting in Raitman Art Gallery in Breckenridge. 


Gretchen Dobbels


I mix acrylic gel with my paint to create a very textured and modern interpretation. Other times I mix water with the paint and manipulate the paint with a spray bottle. Sizes small to very large.


Dawn Normali


Contemporary, expressionist oil paintings, using palette knife,thick brushstrokes to create dramatic landscapes. Prefer to paint the West, American Indians, cityscapes, boats and animals.

Armik Malekian


Contemporary oil & acrylic, bold texture, rough brush strokes, vivid color, motion and movement.