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Chris Efstratis


Large colorful ceramic sculpture derived from the pottery wheel, hand built, hand sculpted, and slab construction. Hand painted with glazes and under-glazes, fired to cone5 in an oxidation gas kiln.

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Joseph Woodford


Wheel thrown and assembled ceramic art and sculpture

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Russell Peters


Hand thrown and sculpted clay low fired. Each piece is then stained with bright and vibrant acrylic stains. Creating bright and vibrant vases and wall art.


Daniel Marshall


My work is hand-thrown porcelain. Each piece is glazed and high-fired in a gas kiln.




Jack Charney


Hand formed figurative earthenware created using a series of slumped forms that are then manipulated and assembled multifired for the desired glaze effect and density


Randi Lorber

Digital Art

Digital dreamscapes created with the artists manipulated photography



Blair Hamill

Digital Art

I design prints of Colorado's 14ers, or 14,000-foot peaks. Using on-location sketches and plein air paintings as reference, my designs are inspired by National Parks prints by WPA artists in the 1930s



Cecelia Eidemiller

Drawing/ Printmaking

I draw charcoal and pastel portraits from live sitters at the event.