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Steve Brewster July18.png

Steve Brewster

Combination of blown,fused carved glass into sculptural forms all one of a kind

Gary Chaffin


Each of my 3D designs are spontaneous impressions formed free hand from copper wire that is colored or silver plated and colored.

Renee Dinauer


A plethora of large, free-form, steam-bent, fine-finished Ash wall and free standing sculpture composed of numerous natural wood elements, hand-molded and integrated into abstract forms

Mike Dwyer


Each new bronze sculpture begins by making an aluminum armature. Foam is sprayed on to fill the armature, after the foam sets, it is rough sculpted to qshape. Clay is applied and sculpted to completion

Vicki Fish


I celebrate our connection to the animal world by creating sculptures made with clay, resin, paint, carved wood, collage, found objects, recycled tins and boxes, and a sense of humor.

Laurel Peterson Gregory


All pieces are limited-edition bronzes. Complex patinas complement clean lines and strong motion. The artist is involved every aspect of the creation from the original design to the completed piece.

Damien Jones



Highfired, handbuilt ceramic sculptures, wall pieces, and water features. Decoratively textured and glazed

Jerry Locke


A variety of natural stone is cut, carved, finished, and assembled into mountainscape.

blessing the family-Gedion2.jpg

Gedion Nyanhongo


I create sculptures using the techniques and in the style of Shona Sculpture Movement of my homeland, Zimbabwe Africa. The stone I use is imported from Zimbabwe, and is 100% hand carved and chiseled.

sunflower KimObrzut.jpg

Kim Obrzut


Kim starts with clay as her voice with Native symbolism and cast into bronze using the lost wax process. Her patinas are done with different chemical combinations and techniques along with high polish

Ralph Parker


Materials include,solid steel bar,wood,colored mirror,iridescent glass,stained glass

Fredrick Prescott


My kinetic steel sculptures are finished with a natural rust patina or powder coated in brilliant color. The moving parts are precisely balanced to move at the slightest touch of a hand, or the wind.

Ted Schnack


Bronze Wildlife sculpted from up close and personal interactions with them where they live...


Ken Acton



Unique wood sculptures carved in place from one piece of wood. Natural wood colors, not painted or stained.

Denny Carson


I Use exotic hardwoods and burls to create unique and functional landing nets and fly boxes. The nets and boxes are inlayed with semiprecious stones and hand tied fishing flies.

Luis Gonzalez


All the pieces are turned on a lathe and hand carved out of Florida woods, finished them using clear lacquer.

Jay McDougall


Free-hand carved from single blocks of green wood. My process does not involve any glue-ups, joinery, or lathe-work. I work alone, from gathering my logs through the final coat of hand-rubbed wax.

David Rec

Lathe turned bowls, vases, platters and lamps from reclaimed wood. Crushed stone, copper, inlays.

Ron Christine Sisco July18.png

Ron & Christine Sisco


For over 30 years we have been turning,carving,hand&machine working wood&inlaying it with stone. We were the first in the country to inlay turquoise in the natural voids. We also use riverrock,glass,

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