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Gretchen Borgelt



Paintings are heavily textured with a mix of acrylic paint and acrylic gels making use of color.

Jan Bushart


I paint impressionistic oil paintings on location in Colorado and Hawaii. My goal is to capture the light and feeling of a particular place in time. I am the founder of Plein Air Painters of HI.

Justin Clements July18.png

Justin Clements


Traditional Oil Paintings, classically styled original oil paintings in fine custom made frames.

AaronColemanCulturalEssence copy.jpg

Aaron Coleman

Acrylics, resins, oils, and metallic enamels layered upon one another creating great visual depth, contrast, and movement. Paintings are created flat with high points and low points behind the canvas

Michael Colpitts


I use a combination of acrylic, oils, sand, fabrics, and handmade paper on panel and canvas.


Greg Dye



Using a palette knife I apply spontaneous strokes of thick oil paint, one on top of the other. I do not think about it, I just react to the paint and the emotional energy within myself.

Susan Elliot2 copy.JPG

Susan Elliot



Thought provoking 2D/3D acrylic/ink originals on paper & wood panels made from reclaimed wood. I use trees to communicate bits of wisdom- miniature original "Treenie Weenies" to large works on wood

Jerusalem Night -YorumGal7.jpeg

Yoram Gal



Acrylic & ink on paper / canvas, my diverse styles as one totality: my joy of life expressionism

Andrew Brown July18.jpg

Andrew Brown




Working both with oil and acrylic, Andrew Brown enjoys pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with mediums, creating depth, texture, and authenticity in his pieces both abstract and representational. After studying under his father, acclaimed artist Gordon Brown, for a number of years, Andrew has found his own distinct style.

Andrew is featured at Breckenridge Gallery on Main Street, Breckenridge

Anthony Grant July18.png

Anthony Grant


Representational Oil on Canvas

Phyllis Gunderson


I use high quality oil paints on canvas or cradled board to create spirit themed landscapes.

David Johnsen

Jane Johnson


Fluid acrylic on canvas or yupo paper, a synthetic substrate using brushes water and prayers to move the paint

Mark Johnson


Atmospheric landscapes and skyscapes in oil on canvas, using luminosity, color, and light to draw the viewer into a dreamy world of memories and imagination.

Brian Keller


Hand made egg tempera paint applied to gesso primed panel.

Cody Kuehl July18.png

Cody Kuehl

Acrylics on Canvas, Painting on layered plexiglass

Julie Leidel


I'm inspired by The Arts & Crafts Movement (1880-1920) and WPA era. I use color, shape, & typography to evoke the feeling of yesteryear. Gouache on illustration board + custom quartersawn oak framing.

Tai Poon


My paintings on silk begin when I initiate considering the subject.Using the best materials available and accumulated experience,I'm able to create my vision.Each effort is unique and one of a kind.

David Gonzales July18.png

David Gonzales


David Gonzales paints with acrylics on sustainably built, hand-made panels. Gonzales is known for his mastery of movement. Every painting is alive with color and energy.

David is featured at Raitman Art Galleries on Main Street in Breckenridge! 

Kevin & Wendy Schaefer-Miles



Impressionistic Mountain Monet Style Original Oil Landscape Painting on stretched canvas.

Steve Stento


I create my watercolors in the traditional manner by applying layers of transparent paint to build a rich, painterly realism that captures the emotion of the scenes I paint.

Josh Udesen


My acrylic paintings are layered washes on framed birch panels focusing on unique perspectives.

Jacquie Vaux


Watercolor is my medium; I spend many hours, using a dry brush technique, applying thousands of colored brushstrokes to the paper. I utilize the white of the paper, to achieve brilliance in the eyes

Carmel Walden


Paintings created through blending three transparent watercolor hues. Controlled and detailed elements are complimented by bold strokes of light; unusual textures created with splatter and salt.

Bruce White


Watercolor/Water Media on Aquabord-Dramatic compositions, negative spaces & textural techniques are employed in these representational interpretations of landscapes & cityscapes from around the world.

Jan Whitney


Heavy textu stred oils and acrylics bold brushroke on canas, oversized paintings in massive gallery frames

Doug Wodark July18.png

Douglas Wodark


I use traditional oil techniques on linen and focus on strong contrast lighting in pushing the color envelope


Frank Baer


Long Exposure photographs of colored lights and reflections of lights on water. My hand held movements of the camera create the patterns with LED and neon lights. Presented on Acrylic Wood and Metal.

Alex Burke July18.png

Alex Burke


Landscape and intimate nature photographs all created using large format 4x5" FILM developed entirely by the artist. Archival pigment prints limited to editions of 150

Louis Cantillo


Inspirational/worldly travel/landscape photography; printed on canvas (giclees), metal (dye-sub) w/var. finishes/frames; artist takes great pride in beautifully finished art work all done by Artist

Tom Clements


Art work begins with my internal vision then carries through to my camera. All images are printed by myself. Framed photographs use reclaimed barn wood. All are signed, limited additions of 250.

Dana Echols


Original photographs printed by me and mounted on cradled wood panels constructed by myself.

Tom Heywood


Photographic fine art prints including; prints on metal using die sublimation, wrapped canvas, mated prints on archival paper, select framed pieces with custom fine art frames, custom orders available

David Julian


Digital nature photography. Printed by me personally on archival photo paper and inks, and archival dye-sublimation prints on aluminum produced under my direction at a commercial facility.

Randy Koepsell July18.png

Randy Koepsell


Unique lighting or abstract motion blur to develop an unusual sense of dimensional depth within an image. Face-mounted acrylics w/ artisan or custom steel frames w/patina in copper, bronze, or pewter.

Jason Pavalonis


The work is boldly artistic landscape photography. Each scene is carefully chosen for its composition, color palate and spatial qualities. Only minor adjustments are made outside the camera.

Fi Rust


Wildlife photography portraying intimate behavior, especially the interaction between mothers and babies, and other behavior seldom observed by a non-photographer, printed on canvas and luster paper.

Dan & Steve Sawusch


After researching & scouting, we revisit a location until the desired weather & light conditions occur. Images are processed & printed on various substrates then placed in a frame that complements it.

Michael Stipek



Traditional photography from medium-format film printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper with Kodak wet process developer. Archival framing.

Thomas Styczynski


Landscape and Seascape photography in color and black and white printed by the artist in limited editions.

Matt Timmermeyer


Giclee prints displayed as framed prints and framed canvas up to 96". I print my photos very large due to extreme detail and sharpness within my photos. Average photo size in my booth is 60-75"

Doug Tomlinson


I am a nature photographer specializing in dramatic landscape images. I create exceptional limited edition fine art prints.

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