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Argentium silver jewelry w/precious stones and exotic wood. Fused,soldered,hinged,riveted,stitched,reticulated,textured,deconstructed,overly,inlay,stamped,granulated to produce one of a kind jewelry.

Kim Arment July18.png

Kim Arment


My work is created by first selecting the primary stone. Australian boulder opals are my favorite as they offer variety in color and shape. If I am adding complementary stones I try to pull out more color.

Betsy Bracken

I create colorful inlaid gemstone jewelry in silver & gold,that is either cast from my original waxes,or fabricated from sheet and wires. I also have a line of cuff bracelets in silver, gold & copper.

Danny Bushart July18.png

Danny Bushart


Inspired by the romantic Art Nouveau era, I create my work by sculpting wax with dental tools in 14kt gold, sterling silver and faceted gemstones using the lost wax method.

Eric Candee


Good Carma Jewelry is created from Upcycled materials. We harvest timeworn metals from vintage automobiles, old farm equipment and salvage yards. We combine these elements with fabricated stainless st

Lisa Davin


I create one of a kind pieces of wearable art jewelry. I seed bead, knot, wire, weave and crochet. I use semiprecious stones, pearls, silver, crystal and seed beads.

Paul Farmer


Vivid design One-of-a-kind Fine Art Jewelry using an ancient gold fusion technique in 18 Karat Gold. Fine Art Jewelry using recycled Gold. Museum quality, hand crafted.

Julie Glassman


Miniature enamel paintings set in silver and gold; powdered glass meets precious metal.

Mark Grosser


I create bold, dramatic designs featuring yellow, white & red gold, diamonds & gemstones. I use lost-wax techniques enhanced with hand fabrication to create a fusion of the natural and architectural.

Elizabeth Hake July18.png

Elizabeth Hake


Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry of sheet metal and wire. hand cut, roller printed or hammer textured, fused, soldered, and patinated.. Accented with faceted stones and solid gold elements

Sandy Harris Murphy July18.png

Sandy Harris Murphy


Consciously sourced diamonds,precious and semi- stones are incorporated in fabricated designs.Keumboo,22K and 14K gold refined in the Colorado studio ('green' metal) in hand fabricated designs.

Carolyn Henderson


Each detailed lampwork bead is created by melting glass rods with a propane/oxygen torch for unique color & texture. They are then kiln annealed. Anodized aluminum adds a fun dimension to many pieces

Sheko Kirby


Technically complex and visually fluid our one-of-a-kind pieces are hand carved in traditional cire perdue combined with various stone setting and metal-smithing approaches.

Melissa Luoma


My solid Sterling Silver designs are spiritually and organically inspired, using nature as the texture. Each design contains subtle hidden and scripted messages to feed the soul.

DonMcCoy-Ring-5x7at300pi copy.jpg

Don McCoy


Gem Cutter and Metalsmith, I hand fabricate settings from recycled silver and gold for the gemstones I carve and inlay.

Dana McDaniel July18.png

Dana McDaniel


Jewelry of mixed metals including copper, pewter, silver and hand-painted and heat-treated aluminum. Some with kiln-fired glass, set gemstones, river stones and vitreous enamels

Wendy Newman


Sterling & 18k gold fabricated jewelry w/ colored stones; some handcut. Cabachons made from original prismacolor & ink drawings under enamel. Work features intricate piercing and hand texturing.

Kevin O'Grady


Sculpted by fire on a torch, gold, silver & murrine are suspended in glass.My work strives to show the life & depth possible in glass. Silver is hand forged to present my glass visions in wearable art

Anne Reichel July18.png

Anne Reichel


Fabricated jewelry of Sterling silver, Reticulated silver, and/or 18k gold with unique gemstones,pearls and small natural stone beads

Sugatha Roeder


Handcrafted Fine Silver,14KGold, Gold filled &Bronze in combination with high quality gemstones & pearls. Surface textures are created using hand-collected natural leaves.All pieces are one-of-a-kind


Tim Herbst July18.png

Tim Herbst


I use aluminum, stainless steel, and copper plus dyes and heat to produce unique wall sculptures. Texture and color are combined to create pieces that change dramatically with light.

Jay Higgins July18.png

Jay Higgins

Heirloom quality knives born from billets of steel; brass, silver & copper bars & rods; handles from blocks of woods, fossils, and stone. Blades and handles are hand sculpted using a belt sander.

Ed Kolle

Hand forged, acid etched and silver soldered nickel silver boxes.

Roman Rosa Velasquez July18.png

Ramon and Rosa Velasquez

Stainless Steel with tile furniture sealed with marine varnish and colorful metal wall hangings with copper and brass melted and automotive paint sealed with polyurethane

Jeffrey Zachmann


Kinetic Sculpture of welded metal. Exploring movement and people’s attraction to movement. - Stainless steel, found metal, glass and stainless balls. Movement created with gravity and motors.

Mixed Media

Joe and Mari Axton-Giddings


We work in a unique blend of metals, ceramics, fired glass, and paint, using traditional techniques, unconventionally combined. We often start with a collage or drawing, then build by inspiration.

Henry Bergeson


Hardwood sculpted kaleidoscopes and the tables to put them on

Brian Billow


Canvas and wood panels, trowelled plaster, acid oxidized paints, acrylic paints, copper, gold and aluminum metal leaf, epoxy & varnish

Brooke Connor


Animal illustrations full of character using alcohol markers, inking pens, and occasionally digital backgrounds.

Fly Away HomeBethErlund.jpg

Beth Erlund


Fiber dyed using traditional batik methods to achieve detailed image. Encaustic wax added to enhance texture and detail.

Doug Fountain July18.png

Douglas Fountain


Feathers masks with exotic fallen feathers on venetian plaster and totems.

#884 Charlies Angels webMeg Harper.jpg

Meg Harper


6 steps transform upcycled surfaces. Next they're painted w/ a custom 25 color palette using shapely brushstrokes. Then layered w/ transparent glazes. High quality UV protectant seals for outdoor use.

Esteban Kremen July18.png

Esteban Kremen


Collage, oil, acrylic paint, on canvas,

Jeff Leedy


I use oil pastel, acrylic to engage and delight. Sometimes the acrylic is content, other times it is bkgd. People tell me they are attracted by the color but fall in love with the humor.

Ricky Lowe


Resin integrated with color and metallic separated with chemicals to give it the illusion of texture making it three-dimensional. Each piece changes based on the amount of light in the room.

Bear McLaughlin

I highly polish aluminum that dances with light by applying layers of patinas and automotive paint.I then build a sculpture that I polish and paint spacing it on top of the painting creating shadows

SherriMeldrumSedona-Sun-web copy.jpg

Sheri Meldrum


Multi dimensional copper wall pieces, hand forged wall sculpture and hand woven copper wall hangings with my unique combo of chemical patinas and enamels, heat and oils. Finished with clear coat.

Gary Moser


Unique handcrafted tables with rescued live edge tops with hand rubbed oil finish. They are resting on handcrafted metal trees. White aspens are hot patinas. All with 4 coat lacquer finish

Brent Nilson


I design, craft, and install special handle material on knife blades. Wood, Antler, Buffalo Horn, Buffalo Bone, Camel Bone, Other
I specialize in Damascus multi layer steel blades

Dave Reiter


Oil & mixed media on stretched canvas applied in numerous layers of adding and subtracting give this piece a highly textured look.

Mary Staby


Combination of black & white photography & oil painting. My film photos are printed in my darkroom & handpainted using vibrant oils of my color choices revealing the fine details of the photograph.

TJ Thompson


Using a Epoxy based clay to create one of a kind, no casting no duplications sculpture/painting combinations. finishing with either copper, Stone or marble.

Denny Wainscott July18.png

Denny Wainscott


I draw the design on the gourd then I wood burn it. I then carve where I want to inlay my stones. I inlay turquoise, lapis and malachite. I finish carving then I stain it with leather dye.

Erika Bushee


Slate stone split thin from a slab. These fragments of slate are then shaped with pliers and embedded into epoxy resin.

Calvin Walton

3D wall sculptures created from wood, mixed media, acrylic paint and resin.

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