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Steven Boyd


Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas or board


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Jan Bushart


I paint impressionistic oil paintings on location in the Rockies and Hawaii. My goal is to capture the light and feeling of a particular place in time. I am the founder of Plein Air Painters of HI.

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Justin Clements


Traditional Oil Paintings, classically styled original oil paintings in fine custom made frames.


Michael Colpitts


I use a combination of acrylic, oils, sand, fabrics, and handmade paper on panel and canvas.

Jesse Crock


I am Colorado native and paint the large format acrylic landscapes in bold, bright colors that capture the amazing beauty of Colorado


Gretchen Dobbels


I like to mix acrylic paint with acrylic gel and apply with a pallete knife to create tons of texture. I also mix acrylic paint with water and use a spray bottle to manipulate the paint.

Anthony Grant


Representational and Impressionism oil on canvas.


Tracy Haines


I paint colorful expressionistic landscapes in oil,pastel and acrylic


Mark Johnson


Original oil paintings on panel or canvas.


Ron Lape


Original oil on canvas Native American western and wildlife


Julie Leidel


I'm inspired by The Arts & Crafts Movement (1880-1920) and WPA era. I use color, shape, & typography to evoke the feeling of yesteryear. Gouache on illustration board + custom quartersawn oak framing.


Tony Pachak

I prefer to start with a centurion linen canvas for its smooth texture and good quality. Most paints I use are Winsor and Newton Artist grade, Utrecht, and Rembrandt oils. My pictures are framed.


Kevin Schaefer-Miles



Schaefer-Miles have spent a lifetime working collaboratively on canvas. Using the techniques of the masters they create atmospheric color, depth and light in the painting. 


Jacquie Vaux


Watercolor is my medium; I spend many hours, using a dry brush technique, applying thousands of colored brushstrokes to the paper. I utilize the white of the paper, to achieve brilliance in the eyes.


Carmel Walden


Paintings created through blending three transparent watercolor hues. Controlled and detailed elements are complimented by bold strokes of light; unusual textures created with splatter and salt.


Bruce White


Water Media on Aquabord - brushwork, splattering, pouring, spraying. Landscapes, cityscapes and coastal scenes - representational with vignetted edges bleeding into negative spaces.


Jan Whitney


Acrylic and oil paint heavy bold stroke on canvas framed


Wendy Wilkerson


Rice paper, painted on both sides in gouache, brings visual depth & movement to the works. Fine lines brings focus, brushwork spans relationships, & bold colors hold imaginations.


Jamie Winslow


Oil paint is applied with attention to texture and various techniques.

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