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Sumati Colpitts


Slab and hand built techniques are used with stoneware clays, textures, glazes and oxide washes.


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Jack Charney 


Hand formed earthenware figurative ceramic sculptures created using a series of slumped forms manipulated and assembled into one of a kind pieces that are then multifired to achieve the desired effect


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Colleen Everett


Porcelain with twenty textured layers of engobes,slips,stains



Shane Porter


Art is created with a variety of wheel-thrown, slab, and sculpted techniques. Fired multiple times in a large variety of finishes. Other materials include wood, metal, stone, and glass.


Frank Nemick


Work is reduction fired stoneware, & raku. I produce large sculptural vessels, as well as pottery. Sgraffito carving is used over colored underglazes. Raku includes horsehair & slip resist techniques.

Wiladine Eggerman


Thrown & hand built porcelain forms are also my canvases. Each piece is unique, many salt fired (atmospheric firing.) I draw & paint with line, texture & glazes creating an active & tactile surface.


Bob Trevorrow


All work is wheel thrown, high fired porcelain with hand mixed glazes.


Greg Lathrop


I create functional and decorative handmade pottery. I use various methods to apply texture to my work before glazing. All of my work is high fired stoneware.


Gary Timinsky


All work is wheel thrown pottery with ash glazes.


Tom Radca


Stone ware clay, thrown and altered, Raku style firing, post fire acid wash for an ancient look.


Daniel Marshall


My work is hand-thrown, hand-built and altered porcelain. Glazes are dipped, sprayed then brushed and slip-trailed. The piece is high-fired in a gas kiln.

Casey Hankin


My work is wheel thrown, hand sculpted, and Raku fired ceramics. Various post firing treatments are used including horse hair application and reduction.

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