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Barbara Marcus-McKenna

Drawing/ Printmaking

With painterly expression, pigment is manipulated on a plate using tools of brush and brayer. Using my etching press, the image transfers to paper one time, to become an original Hand-pulled Monotype.


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Stephen Harmston

Drawing/ Printmaking

All original hand-cut and hand-printed silkscreen prints on archival paper using between 12 and 32 screens. Printed in very limited editions of 25 to 50 prints.
No reproductions.

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Sharon Kromka


I use a floor loom to weave women's scarves, vests, shawls, ponchos and wraps, using high quality yarns. I weave in various techniques including Saori, a Japanese free-expression, artistic technique.


Deb Tewell


Milkweed creates felted wearables. Felting continues a tradition thousands of years old, but with a modern twist that appeals to fashionistas who appreciate the funky look. Wet-felting is not knitted!

Willy O'Neal


We create custom leather shoes and boots by hand using meticulous craftsmanship and skill.


Anita Baptiste


Fiber mixture from animal skin & bird feathers. Final details consist of other animal skins & beads.



Barbara Holloway


I hand weave my clothing fabrics on 8-harness foot-powered floor looms with colorful plant fiber yarns. I warp the looms, weave the fabrics then wash, dry, steam press, cut, sew and hand-embellish.


Cheryl Kabala



Hand woven rayon scarves & shawls in Southwest inspired colors. Hand twisted & knotted fringe. Woven fabrics that are individually unique, durable and timeless. Weaving demonstration during the show.

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